March 5 Webinar: Which MongoDB Distribution Should You Use? AOL Benchmark

It may be easy to choose a NoSQL database, but do you know which distribution is best for you? Which will perform better? Which will scale further? Look before you leap.
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SPEAKER: John Schulz
DATE: Wednesday, March 5th
TIME: 1pm ET

AOL, the well-known mass media corporation, asked themselves these questions and ran their own benchmarks on TokuMX and MongoDB. TokuMX, a high-performance distribution of MongoDB, offers impressive advantages over basic MongoDB.

Attend this webinar with John Schulz, the database architect who built the benchmarks for AOL, as he reveals how the testing was done and his findings. John will address:

  • How AOL developed a test plan
  • Requirements for running a successful bake-off
  • The results of benchmarking MongoDB against TokuMX

This webinar will give you all the information you need to run your own successful evaluation. The presentation will include a live Q&A session.


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