February 20 Webinar: MongoDB and Sharding for Scalability – Tips & Tricks

As your database begins to scale, sharding can be an effective way to manage your data. In MongoDB, sharding is unique because it retains nearly all of the the full expressiveness of a single server database while scaling out.
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SPEAKER: Leif Walsh, Tokutek
DATE: Thursday, February 20th
TIME: 1pm ET

However, while sharding in MongoDB can be a great scalability solution, it can also cause some major, unintended performance issues.

Join this webinar, with Leif Walsh of Tokutek, to learn:

  • The advantages of sharding in MongoDB
  • How TokuMX, a high-performance distribution of MongoDB, leverages and enhances sharding
  • The importance of clustering indexes and how to prevent migrations with hashed shard keys

The session will give you the tools to more effectively manage your data, immediately. The presentation will include code samples and a live Q&A session.


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