Quick installation guide for Percona Cloud Tools for MySQL

Here in Percona Support, we’re receiving several requests per day for help with Percona Cloud Tools installation steps.

So I decided to prepare a step-by-step example of the installation process with some comments based on experience.  Percona Cloud Tools is a hosted service providing access to query performance insights for all MySQL uses. After a brief setup, you’ll unlock new information about your database and how to improve your applications. You can sign up to request access to the free beta, currently under way.

Some notes

  • It’s recommended to do the installation under root.
  • If you’re installing pt-agent as root then .pt-agent.conf should be placed in root $HOME
  • You could became root with “sudo -s” command and in this case your homedir is still unchanged and not homedir of root user.
  • So I would strongly recommend to login as root or to “sudo -i” to become root and check if your HOME and PWD are the same: env | egrep -i ‘home=|pwd=’

Sign Up

Go to the URL and sign up (or log-in)


Copy your API key:
On this URL: API Key
Or by menu: Agents -> API Key


Percona-Toolkit Download

Download Percona-Toolkit:
For example:

  • DEB: for Debian/Ubuntu like systems
  • RPM: for RedHat, CentOS

Percona-Toolkit Installation

yum install https://www.percona.com/redir/downloads/percona-toolkit/LATEST/RPM/percona-toolkit-2.2.6-1.noarch.rpm

wget https://www.percona.com/redir/downloads/percona-toolkit/LATEST/deb/percona-toolkit_2.2.6_all.deb
dpkg -i percona-toolkit_2.2.6_all.deb

pt-agent installation

Run this command:
pt-agent --install --user={mysql username} --password={password} --api-key={API Key copied from web site}

Note: add there your username, password and API Key

pt-agent installation output

You should see this:

Agent is installed

pt-agent configuration

Goto: agents and select your newly created agent

Then enable Service:

  • Agents -> Services -> Query Analytics -> On (Push Off button and configure values)
  • Save




Now wait a few min, check Status Log: Agents -> select agent -> Status Log
You should see there: “Agent OK”


Now wait (~3 min) until pt-agent will add jobs to crontab.
You should see there: “Services OK”


Then run some slow queries and wait (~3-5 min).
If everything is ok then you should see there “Exit: 200”


Now check Query Analytics.


There is a “Help Me” button at the bottom of the page so you can ask for Support if you have any questions and our Support team will gladly help you.



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  • Peter Zaitsev


    Great summary!

    February 3, 2014 at 3:10 pm
  • matipl


    February 4, 2014 at 6:26 am
  • Michael Rikmas

    Thanks everyone for feedbacks!

    February 11, 2014 at 2:52 am
  • Kevin

    Does the agent support using a proxy? I don’t see related in pt-agent

    February 26, 2014 at 1:54 pm

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