February 6 Webinar: Transactions and MongoDB – Ways To Have It All

MongoDB is loved by developers for its productivity, but productivity can decline when you begin to write enterprise applications and realize that some database features you take for granted are not available in MongoDB. One of these features is support for transactions.
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SPEAKER: Zardosht Kasheff, Tokutek
DATE: Thursday, February 6th
TIME: 1pm ET

Your application – or your DBA – may require transactional semantics that go beyond a single document, meaning you have to find a way to integrate the need for the multi-document transactions with MongoDB. Luckily, there are options.

Attend this webinar, with Zardosht Zasheff of Tokutek, to:

  • Understand MongoDB’s transactional behavior
  • Learn best practices and view examples of developing applications with these transactional semantics
  • Discover TokuMX, a distribution of MongoDB that adds support for multi-document transactions and MVCC

The session will give you the tools to become more productive, immediately. The presentation will include code samples and a live Q&A session. Attendees will also receive a copy of our white paper, “Transactions and MongoDB”.


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