Webinars: Common (but deadly) MySQL mistakes

On January 22 I’ll be presenting the first of a series of two new webinars focusing on avoiding common MySQL mistakes:

How to Avoid Common (but Deadly) MySQL Operations Mistakes.

“Don’t bother me with DBA ‘best practices,’ we have real work to get done.”

So go the famous last words from overworked IT managers (we’ve all been there at one time or another).

Best practices don’t have to interrupt your work or make it harder. Ideally, they should make database operations more predictable and less fraught with emergencies or surprises. This presentation provides a short list of common failures of DBA’s, and makes the case that you can save yourself time (and grey hair) by adopting better habits.

Some of the tips include:

  • How to know when and why your server changed configuration values.
  • How to have bulletproof backups.
  • How to save up to 20% of your database size at the same time as reducing the query optimizer’s work.

Then on March 5 I’ll present the second webinar in this series:

How to Avoid Common (but Deadly) MySQL Development Mistakes

“We need a database that ‘just works’ and runs at ‘web scale.'”

MySQL software developers are under pressure to do more in less time, and create applications that adapt to ever-changing requirements.

But it’s true that some of a developer’s time is wasted when their method of optimizing involves trying every combination of code and index definition. There must be a more straight path to achieve the best database code. This talk shows you some of these methods, including:

  • How to find out which indexes are the best fit for your MySQL application
  • How to protect yourself from the number one MySQL database security vulnerability on the web
  • How to decide when to optimize a MySQL database application with denormalization, indexes, caching, partitioning, sharding

At the end of this webinar, you’ll be more productive and confident as you develop MySQL database-driven applications.

Please join me!  Register for the first webinar or register for the second webinar!  Or register for both and get two for the price of one (just kidding; they’re both free)!

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