Geographical disaster recovery with PRM: Register for Dec. 4 Webinar


Dec. 4 webinar: MySQL High Availability and Geographical Disaster Recovery with Percona Replication ManagerDowntime caused by a disaster is probable in your application’s lifetime. While caused by a large-scale geographical disaster, cyber attack, spiked consumer demand, or a relatively less catastrophic event, downtime equates to lost business. Setting up geographical disaster recovery (geo-DR) has always been challenging but Percona replication manager (PRM) with booth provides a solution for an efficient geo-DR deployment.

Join me on wednesday December 4th at 10 a.m. PST for a presentation of the geo-DR capabilities of PRM followed by a step by step setup of a full geo-DR solution. The title of the webinar is, “MySQL High Availability and Geographical Disaster Recovery with Percona Replication Manager” and you can register here.

Feel free to ask questions in advance here in the comments section. The webinar will be recorded and available for replay here shortly afterward.

I hope to see you on Wednesday December 4th!


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