Problems with Multiple XA Storage Engines in MySQL 5.6

While integrating TokuDB into MySQL 5.6, we found that MySQL 5.6 does not support more than one XA storage engine. For example, there is an assert in the ha_recover function that fires when the total number of XA storage engines is greater than one. After disabling this assert, we found lots of bugs in the MySQL 5.6 implementation of the TC_LOG_MMAP class, which is used when running with the binlog turned off.

There are two alternatives that we know of to fix this problem in MySQL 5.6:

  • First, we could merge code from MariaDB 5.5 into MySQL 5.6. The advantage of this approach is that we have been running this code with TokuDB in MariaDB 5.5 for a long time, so we have confidence in its correctness.
  • Second, we found that MySQL 5.7.2 has made changes to allow multiple XA storage engines. This is great news for TokuDB since we have one less MySQL patch to worry about. Our simple scan of the MySQL 5.7 source showed only one XA storage engine – InnoDB. This brings up two important questions.  (1) What are the other XA storage engines in MySQL 5.7? and (2) How did this feature get tested?

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  • Laurynas

    Regarding the MySQL 5.7 fix, the questions are answered in the commit message for the fix:

    revno: 5201.2.1
    committer: Dmitry Shulga
    branch nick: mysql-trunk-bug11755370
    timestamp: Fri 2013-03-01 19:02:41 +0600
    This patch fixes bug#11755370 – CRASH ON STARTUP WHEN XA SUPPORT FUNCTIONS

    MTR test isn’t added since there isn’t currently any other engine with
    XA feature enabled aside from INNODB. I tested my patch using the fake second
    engine with XA feature enabled that I created from I think
    it won’t be correct to modify just for the sake of patch test
    coverage. Nevertheless I added unittest that runs 10 threads and calls
    TC_LOG_MMAP::commit for distributed transactions. Such test should crash
    the server without changes included in this patch. Also another two new unit
    tests were added to test TC_LOG_MMAP behavior in situations when its
    pages are close to be fully filled are fully filled.

    November 7, 2013 at 7:09 am

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