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Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.0.5 release for MySQL

 | October 11, 2013 |  Posted In: Events and Announcements, MySQL, Percona Software


Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.0.5 for MySQL. The components are designed to integrate seamlessly with widely deployed solutions such as Nagios and Cacti, and are delivered in the form of templates, plugins, and scripts.

cacti-graph-set, Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.0.5


* Added mysql-ca option to ss_get_mysql_stats.php (bug 1213857)
* Added user info to the idle_blocker_duration check of pmp-check-mysql-innodb (bug 1215317)
* Extended pmp-check-mysql-processlist with more locking states (bug 1213859)
* ss_get_mysql_stats.php did not work with custom mysql port (bug 1213862)
* ss_get_mysql_stats.php silently failed when a query returns too many rows (bug 1225070)
* Wrong description of percona-cacti-templates deb package (bug 1217782)

A new tarball is available from downloads area or RPM and DEB packages from our software repositories. The plugins are fully supported for customers with a Percona Support contract and free installation services are provided as part of some contracts. In addition as part of Percona’s Remote DBA installation and setup of these tools are included with our services. You can find links to the documentation, forums and more at the project homepage.

Roman Vynar

Lead Platform Engineer at Percona. Developing monitoring tools, automated scripts and leading Percona Monitoring and Management project.


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