October 8 Webinar: Getting Started with MySQL

Save Time & Money – Do It Right The First Time

SPEAKER: Gerry Narvaja, Tokutek
DATE: Tuesday, October 8th
TIME: 1pm ET

If you are thinking of using the leading open source database in a project, learn just how easy it is to get started with MySQL, and how important it is to do it right. A few simple decisions early in development, and knowing when and how to effectively use the TokuDB performance engine, can save significant time and money down the road. Key metrics for MySQL success include performance, scalability, database size, and agility. Register Now!

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • The basics of installing and configuring MySQL and TokuDB
  • How to maximize performance for long-term scalability
  • How to configure compression for highest ROI
  • How to perform hot schema changes
  • How to avoid turning into the support staff for your app

The webinar will include all the information you will need to immediately create your first TokuDB database. The presentation will include a live Q&A session.


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