Oracle Speakers at Percona Live London 2013

Percona Live LondonI’m pleased to announce that speakers from Oracle will join the lineup at the Percona Live London 2013 MySQL conference which is November 11 & 12. Percona Live London 2013 features 4 keynotes, 30 breakout sessions, and 7 tutorials by leading MySQL users and technology providers. The full conference schedule is now on the Percona Live London MySQL conference website.

Continuing the collaboration that started with the Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo 2013 last April, we welcome Tomas Ulin, VP of MySQL Engineering for Oracle, who will present a keynote talk entitled “Driving MySQL Innovation“. Tomas will discuss the focus, strategy, investments and innovations that are preparing MySQL to power next-generation web, mobile, cloud and embedded applications. He will also discuss the latest and the most significant MySQL database release, MySQL 5.6, as well as what is ahead in MySQL 5.7.

Tomas joins an extremely strong group of keynote speakers at Percona Live London 2013 which includes:

  • Monty Widenius, CTO of the MariaDB Foundation who will speak on “What’s new in MariaDB 5.5 and what will happen in MariaDB 10.0“. Monty will provide a walkthrough of the new features in MariaDB 5.5 and share details on why the Foundation chose to create MariaDB 10.0 instead of simply taking MySQL 5.6 as a base for creating what would have been called MariaDB 5.6.
  • Robert Hodges, CEO of Continuent who will present “Data in the Cloud – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You“. Robert will explore the real risks of managing data in the cloud and explain how cloud data managers using MySQL can build more robust systems.
  • Peter Zaitsev, CEO and co-founder of Percona who will speak about “The Changing MySQL Ecosystem“. Peter will discuss the continuing evolution of the MySQL ecosystem in an era of increasing demands for performance and rising reliance on the cloud. He will also address the growing phenomenon of organizations using MySQL with NoSQL solutions such as Hadoop, MongoDB, and Redis to address Big Data challenges.

In addition to Tomas’s keynote, two breakout sessions will be lead by Oracle technologists:

  • Dimitri Kravtchuk, MySQL Performance Architect at Oracle, will present “MySQL Performance: Benchmarks, Tuning, and ‘Best’ Practices“. Dimitri will provide an overview of the most common performance tuning strategies, tuning errors, and best practices, as well as an in depth look at the latest improvements made in MySQL performance, including MySQL 5.7 benchmark results.
  • Luis Soares, Senior Software Engineer at Oracle, will present “New Replication Features in MySQL 5.6 and Beyond“. Luis will examine the enhancements made to replication in MySQL 5.6, including increased master performance with binary log group commit, higher slave throughput with multi-threaded slave applier, optimized row-based replication, automatic fail-over with global transaction IDs, transparent crash-recovery of slaves with replication system tables, and seamless data validation with replication event checksums.

Other breakout sessions will dive into the major variants of MySQL, including MySQL, Percona Server, and MariaDB, as well as MySQL-related technologies, techniques and strategies, including:

  • Art van Scheppingen, head of database engineering, Spil Games
    Topic: MySQL performance monitoring using Statsd and Graphite
  • Barry Abrahamson, systems wrangler, Automattic / WordPress
    Topic: Scaling to 500,000,000 Database Tables and Beyond – The Story
  • John Goulah, dev infrastructure tools lead engineer, Etsy
    Topic: The Shard revisited: tools and techniques used at Etsy
  • Luis Motta Campos, database administrator, ebay Classifieds Group
    Topic: MySQL, the ebay Classifieds Way
  • Ratheesh Kaniyala, MySQL database engineer,
    Topic: Percona at
  • Shlomi Noach, engineer, Outbrain
    Topic: common_schema: DBA’s framework for MySQL
  • Seppo Jaakola, CEO, Codership
    Topic: Galera Cluster 3.0 New Features

In addition to the great keynotes and breakout sessions, the Percona Live London 2013 MySQL conference offers an optional day of tutorials on Monday. The busy Tuesday schedule includes a catered reception following the last breakout sessions of the day where attendees can meet and mingle with the European (and beyond) MySQL community.

Register now for the Percona Live London 2013 MySQL conference and save. Advanced Registration prices end October 13 and prices will go up. Buy your pass now and I look forward to seeing you in London in November!

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