Announcing TokuMX v1.2: Hot Backup

Announcing TokuMX v1.2: Hot Backup


We’ve been hard at work on TokuMX since it’s initial release just over 2 months ago. Today we released TokuMX v1.2 which includes Hot Backup in the Enterprise Edition.

Hot Backup allows users to create a backup of a running TokuMX primary or secondary server in a replica set, with no blocking of writes for clients. We will be blogging more about the Hot Backup technology in the coming weeks. This same technology is used for Hot Backup in TokuDB.

Also worth noting are the features we’ve added since the initial TokuMX release:

  • Migration Tools. Migrate to TokuMX from MongoDB using our tool that replays MongoDB repication. This allows a TokuMX server to stay in sync with a MongoDB replica set, reducing downtime for production go-live.
  • Bulk Loading. Significantly improves data load speeds into non-existent collections.
  • Background Indexing. Create indexes without blocking write operations on the collection (this is an existing MongoDB feature).

You can download TokuMX v1.2 from the TokuMX Enterprise Edition download page and the TokuMX Community Edition download page.


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Comments (2)

  • sebest Reply


    Feature wise, where does tokumx 1.2 stands up against mongodb 2.4.6 ?

    As the version number is different it is hard to know what features we miss from the vanilla mongodb.

    I am more interesting in what is lacking from mongodb 2.4.x to know if i could switch or not.

    September 18, 2013 at 9:58 am
    • Tim Callaghan Reply

      I believe the list of missing 2.4 (or earlier) features are geospatial indexes and full text search. I’ve added a ticket to our issue tracking system to include a full list in the Users Guide. Even though we are based on 2.2, we’ve back-ported features and fixes from the 2.4 code base (like hashed based indexes/sharding).

      Are there specific 2.4 features that you are interested in?

      September 18, 2013 at 11:51 am

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