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Let’s talk about Percona Server 5.6: Enterprise Grade MySQL (webinar)

 | July 30, 2013 |  Posted In: Events and Announcements, Hardware and Storage, Insight for DBAs, MySQL, Percona Server for MySQL, Percona XtraBackup, Technical Webinars


Percona Server 5.6: Enterprise Grade MySQL

The new Percona Server 5.6 is the most manageable, highest performance, and most scalable version of MySQL available. Percona Server 5.6 is the best open source MySQL choice for enterprise-grade applications because it combines new features with the best features of Percona Server 5.5 and MySQL 5.6 to provide unparalleled performance.

Join me tomorrow as I explain how Percona Server 5.6 takes MySQL performance to new heights. In this webinar, aptly titled “Percona Server 5.6: Enterprise Grade MySQL,” I’ll compare Percona Server 5.6 to Percona Server 5.5 and MySQL 5.6, highlighting key differences between the two versions. I’ll also compare Percona Server 5.6 to MySQL 5.6, including a review of top deprecated features and their optimized replacements, enhancements to performance monitoring, slow query log, XtraDB, and other groundbreaking features. Additionally, I’ll also show you exceptionally faster backups aided by bitmap-based incremental backups when used in combination with Percona XtraBackup

At the end of this webinar you’ll understand the differences between Percona Server 5.6, Percona Server 5.5 and MySQL 5.6 and how those differences make Percona Server 5.6 the most manageable, highest performance, and most scalable version of MySQL available today. This will be an interactive presentation to please feel free to ask questions both here and during the webinar.

WHEN: Wednesday, July 31, 2013  1 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Register here.

Stewart Smith

Stewart Smith has a deep background in database internals including MySQL, MySQL Cluster, Drizzle, InnoDB and HailDB. he is also one of the founding core developers of the Drizzle database server. He served at Percona from 2011-2014. He is a former Percona employee.


  • Does Percona’s Enterprise Grade MySQL Server have an Audit Log Plugin like MySQL Enterprise does (i.e. http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/audit-log-plugin.html)?

    If it doesn’t, what do people use with Percona Server to achieve a compliance solution?


  • I would say that current 5.6 releases (and even the top of trunk BZR tree) are as stable as any Oracle 5.6 or Percona Server 5.5 release. What you’re probably wanting to know is when we’ll declare Percona Server 5.6 a GA release 🙂

    The answer to that question is: soon. We’re finishing up the last bits of polishing for it so it’s not far away at all.

  • We don’t have a drop in replacement for the audit plugin in MySQL Enterprise, although you should talk to us about developing one for you.

    I’ll get somebody else to answer the question on what people use for compliance.

  • Is there any Windows binary release of Percona Server 5.6, or even the intend to release one in the near future ?

  • We don’t currently have a date for Windows binaries. If this is something you really want, I can put our sales team in touch with you and see if we can work something out.

  • Jason:

    McAfee has an open source audit plugin that can be used on any MySQL version >= 5.1. I have no experience using Oracle’s plugin, but judging from the documentation, it seems McAfee’s plugin is a bit more flexible (i.e. I couldn’t find a way to limit audit to specific tables on the manual section you linked).

    You can find out more about this plugin here: https://github.com/mcafee/mysql-audit, and I recently blogged about this here too: http://www.mysqlperformanceblog.com/2013/05/23/experiences-with-the-mcafee-mysql-audit-plugin/


  • Can we get a few benchmark results to document this claim?
    > The new Percona Server 5.6 is the most manageable, highest performance, and most scalable version of MySQL available

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