Announcing TokuDB v7 Enterprise Edition: Hot Backup and Support

As promised, the Enterprise Edition of TokuDB®, Version 7, is ready. TokuDB Version 7, Enterprise Edition, introduces Hot Backup. You can now back up all your TokuDB tables directly from MySQL or MariaDB, with no down time. In addition, TokuDB Enterprise Edition comes with a support package.

TokuDB v7 Enterprise Edition maintains all our established advantages: hot schema changes, excellent compression, fast trickle load, fast bulk load, fast range queries through clustering indexes, no fragmentation, and full MySQL/MariaDB compatibility for ease of installation.

For details on pricing and supported MySQL and MariaDB versions, please see our FAQ.

To learn more about TokuDB:

  • Download executables here.
  • The source code for the Community Edition is available on GitHub.
  • Our public IRC channel is #tokutek on We have google groups at tokudb-dev and tokudb-user.
  • Read our blog.
  • Learn more about Fractal Tree Indexing.
  • Join our TokuDB mailing list to be notified about future product updates and related events.

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