Last Week’s Presentations Posted

Last week I had to present a tutorial at Percona Live 2013, a presentation at SkySQL’s MySQL & Cloud Database Solution Day and last but not least, a presentation on a Saturday morning at Linuxfest Northwest. It wasn’t easy, but giving the presentations after our announcement early in the week about going open source was very exciting given the warm reception we got from the MySQL Community.

Following are my slide decks for all 3 events:

For those who attended the events, thank you very much for your interest. For those who didn’t, we hope to see you at today’s webinar at 2pm ET, or if you are in NY, at my colleague Tim’s presentation at Ronald Bradford’s Effective MySQL Meetup on the 14th.


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  • Tom Diederich

    Gerry, it was great meeting you, Tim, and the rest of the Tokutek at Percona Live last week. Following your blog and perhaps we can get you together with Vadim here at Percona for a joint-post — a followup on his post last week on “Percona Server 5.5.30 with TokuDB for MySQL.” He got a ton of comments and there was a lot of excitement around it. 🙂
    Tom Diederich, Percona’s community manager

    May 2, 2013 at 9:23 pm

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