Thanks to Community for Selecting Tokutek for Prestigious MySQL Award

We wanted to thank everyone for naming Tokutek the Corporate Contributor of the Year 2013 for ongoing contribution to the MySQL community.

The MySQL Community Awards are given annually to the people and companies that support the MySQL ecosystem. The MySQL Community Award for Corporate Contributor of the Year recognizes a company or other organization or entity that has made valuable contributions to the MySQL ecosystem either in terms of open source code, knowledge, funding or other resources or sponsorship. The winners are selected by an independent community panel.

“Open Source is about collaborating and contributing to build and benefit from something great together. We created the Corporate Contributor category for the MySQL Awards in order to recognize that this collaboration is not just between individuals in the community, but also corporate entities like Tokutek, which has participated in the MySQL community for many years,” said Henrik Ingo, secretary of the MySQL Awards committee. “On behalf of the entire panel, I’d like to congratulate Tokutek for this award and for their recently announced open sourced TokuDB Community Edition product.”

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