Announcing TokuDB v7: Open Source and More

Every few months, I get the fun job of announcing what’s new in TokuDB®, but this time is special. With Version 7, TokuDB for MySQL and MariaDB is going open source.

The free Community Edition is fully functional and fully performant. It has all the compression you’ve come to expect from TokuDB. It has hot schema changes: no-down-time column insertion, deletion, renaming, etc., as well as index creation. It has clustering secondary keys. We are also announcing an Enterprise Edition (coming soon) with additional benefits, such as a support package and advanced backup and recovery tools.

Making TokuDB open source is a natural next step for Tokutek’s involvement in the MySQL community. So far, Tokutek has been involved in the community in many ways:

TokuDB v7 maintains all our established advantages: fast trickle load, fast bulk load, fast range queries through clustering indexes, no fragmentation, and full MySQL/MariaDB compatibility for ease of installation.

In addition, there are plenty of other performance improvements included in this version. For starters, TokuDB v7 adds support for Direct I/O. Also, you asked for it, you got it: TokuDB v7 has significantly enhanced Engine Status information.

For details on updates to pricing and supported MySQL and MariaDB versions, please see our FAQ.

To learn more about TokuDB:

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