Marinating in 2013

What a flashback this week. Staring at a text terminal trying to establish a connection with a remote server, I began to fret whether I would get my homework assignment done on time. My mind raced back to college nights years ago in the Fishbowl, hunched over an Athena workstation. Would this be another late night fueled by Jolt cola in order to get my problem set done?

Thankfully, no!

Embarking on my first software class in quite a while was relatively painless, and I have Sheeri Cabral and her detailed guidance to thank. This week I started the MySQL Marinate course and have my own forked repository from github to begin tooling around in (how many marketing folks can say that?). I am looking forward to the class, connecting with others, and meeting my new year’s resolution to strengthen my inner geek!


Marketing guy: “chum” in the water?

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