Move over Marcia: Top Ten for 2012

Well, it’s that time of the year again for top ten lists. There have been many versions showing up on the web the last few days, including Time Magazine’s “Top 10 Everything of 2012” list, with 55 wide ranging lists!

Last year we started using Google Analytics to see what content for blogs was most popular on and generated a 2011 top ten list, ending up with a few surprises.  This year saw spikes in some interesting areas as well, including flash performance, NASA and Big Data, and MongoDB.

Without further adieu, here is the top ten list for 2012:

10. Announcing TokuDB v6.1 – This release included better overall performance and brought our popular Hot Schema flexibility to MySQL v5.5.

9. 1 Billion Insertions – The Wait is Over! – We ran this for 1 billion rows with TokuDB and InnoDB. While TokuDB completed it in 15 hours, InnoDB took 7 days.

8. Report on XLDB Tutorial on Data Structures and Algorithms – Deep coverage of algorithms and data structures that are used both in NoSQL implementations such as MongoDB and HBase as well as in SQL-oriented implementations such as MySQL and TokuDB.

7. Three Ways That Fractal Tree Indexes Improve SSD for MySQL – Since Fractal Tree indexes turn random writes into sequential writes, it’s easy to see why they offer a big advantage for maintaining indexes on rotating disks. It turns out that that Fractal Tree indexing also offers significant advantages on SSD.

6. Real World Compression – TokuDB achieved 10.8x compression versus InnoDB.  This is in line with other tests on compression and performance that we have demonstrated vs. InnoDB.

5. SwRI Chooses TokuDB for “Big Data” NASA Project – Tackling machine data for an 800M+ record database while savings thousands on infrastructure.

4-1. Mongo, Mongo, Mongo (spoken like Marcia, Marcia, Marcia) – We did a blog series on Fractal Tree indexing performance with MongoDB, demonstrating 10x insertion performance, 268x query performance, and 532x (no, not a typo) multikey index insertion performance. We also discussed covered indexes vs clustered Fractal Tree Indexes. The interest in these topics was overwhelming, even landing us on the front page of Hacker News for a while!

Of course, Tokutek blogs only made up a small fraction of all the great blogs and news out there in 2012 on MySQL.  If folks have other good MySQL year-end “top ten” lists to share, please add to the comments below. Or if you are a MySQL user looking at MongoDB, we’d like to hear your feedback on our MongoDB blogs as well.

In the meantime, enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year!

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