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Scalable Databases for Startups

 | November 19, 2012 |  Posted In: Tokutek, TokuView


One of the great things about the MassTLC unConference is the spontaneity of the ideas. In the morning I ran into an old colleague whose startup was looking at switching databases and struggling with the options. Hence, “Scalable Databases for Startups” seemed like a great topic, so I proposed it, and then was off and running full steam after lunch.

The session brought in a wide variety of firms. While there were several vendors there – Basho, Calpont, InterSystems, ParElastic, and Tokutek, there was also fortunately a number of startups and bigger companies alike willing to share stories, including Care.com, Curata, Iron Mountain, Lucidel,  and Mapkin.

During the event, I posted a “live blog” on this session on the conference website here.

It turns out there were plenty of concerns being raised about off-the-shelf MySQL. I noted complaints about performance at scale, inflexible schema, and challenging replication.

If only there was a solution that addressed these issues… hmm….


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