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FOSDEM 2013: MySQL & Friends Devroom CfP is open !

 | November 14, 2012 |  Posted In: MySQL


2013 is near… and so is the next FOSDEM edition !

This year again, MySQL will be represented by its Community.
If you want to discuss with friends of MySQL it’s the place to be in
February !

Like every year, FOSDEM takes place the first week-end of February in

We will again have a room in the H building (100 seat). The MySQL &
Friends dev room will be open all day Sunday, February 3rd.

Call for Papers is open until December 21st here.

This year all submissions will be reviewed by a committee that will
create the schedule.
The committee is composed by :

* Andrew Hutchings (HP)
* Andrew Morgan (Oracle)
* Sergey Petrunia (MariaDB)
* MC Brown (Couchbase)
* Giuseppe Maxia (Continuent)
* Frédéric Descamps (Percona)

Thank you for submitting your sessions and see you soon in Brussels to
talk MySQL and/or have some nice Belgian Beers 😉

Original mail to the Community MySQL mailing list

UPDATE: René Cannaò (PalominoDB) also joined the committee

Frederic Descamps

Frédéric joined Percona in June 2011, he is an experienced Open Source consultant with expertise in infrastructure projects as well in development tracks and database administration. Frédéric is a believer of devops culture.

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