FOSDEM 2013: MySQL & Friends Devroom CfP is open !

2013 is near… and so is the next FOSDEM edition !

This year again, MySQL will be represented by its Community.
If you want to discuss with friends of MySQL it’s the place to be in
February !

Like every year, FOSDEM takes place the first week-end of February in

We will again have a room in the H building (100 seat). The MySQL &
Friends dev room will be open all day Sunday, February 3rd.

Call for Papers is open until December 21st here.

This year all submissions will be reviewed by a committee that will
create the schedule.
The committee is composed by :

* Andrew Hutchings (HP)
* Andrew Morgan (Oracle)
* Sergey Petrunia (MariaDB)
* MC Brown (Couchbase)
* Giuseppe Maxia (Continuent)
* Frédéric Descamps (Percona)

Thank you for submitting your sessions and see you soon in Brussels to
talk MySQL and/or have some nice Belgian Beers 😉

Original mail to the Community MySQL mailing list

UPDATE: René Cannaò (PalominoDB) also joined the committee

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