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Merit of Private Training

 | October 19, 2012 |  Posted In: MySQL


Percona has offered Training for years, and I have personally delivered my share of Public and Private training.  Below are my thoughts on the different training delivery options and how to choose the one that fits your needs.

The Onsite Public training is perhaps the most conventional type.  We get people from different people and go over our standard curriculum for the class  This is often the best choice when sending 1-2 employees, as they will likely establish connections with other students and benefit from their respective questions and comments –  This provides great insight and a much better learning experience.  Joining an Onsite Public course is also more affordable than Private Training too.  There are, however, downsid­­­es – one being its set curriculum.  We go over our standard training curriculum which might not be completely aligned with your learning need.  Because the instructor must follow the schedule in order to cover all materials, there is not much room for deviation or deep questions or conversation on any one topic.  Some students may feel more limited in the number of questions they pose­­, to allow others an opportunity to ask.  Some hold back on the types of questions they ask, due to fear of disclosing too much confidential information.

Private Onsite is a Custom Training program.   We essentially use the curriculum of our public training classes, combine them and extend to match your company needs, and deliver it at your location.  You’re not using MyISAM tables but would like to learn more about using MySQL with Java?  Don’t worry, we have it covered.  In addition to advanced customization, tailored towards your company needs and student experience, we allow a lot more room for ad hoc training course modifications.  Our trainers know their materials deeply.  If you want to spend more or less time on any topic, they can modify adjust their pace as necessary, going into more details on topics important for your business.  ­­Private Onsite is especially powerful if you want to ask very specific questions about your application without the fear of disclosing too much.  We can go as far as taking a look at your specific production schema, query examples, configuration, etc., which often better helps you to put the material in the context of your environment.  From a cost standpoint, it can make sense to set up training for a group of 5 at your location.  With travel and accommodations, time, and cost factored in, it might still be efficient to run private training for as few as 3 people.

As our world becomes more and more virtual, we are also starting to experiment with online training delivery.  Our Live Virtual Training is a remote learning opportunity that can be delivered in both Private and Public mode.  Live Virtual Training is the most affordable training program we offer, especially if you factor in the savings from travel related expenses you might normally incur.  Furthermore, Live Virtual Training allows students to train with minimal impact on their normal work.  The classes run just 2 hours a day, not including additional time for class exercises.  This means you may work on important, routine stuff, while going through the training.  We use state of the art, online training solutions, allowing students to effectively communicate with the instructor and each other.  After the lectures are complete, the instructor is available to assist with class exercises and questions.

We love training people at Percona.  I believe, through our educational services, we make a difference in the professional lives of MySQL Developers, DBAs and other practitioners.  With our help, MySQL powered applications have the potential to become better, faster, more highly available, and much more reliable.  Personally, I’ve made a lot of good friends from the training sessions I’ve taught.   Check out our Training offerings.  I’m sure you’ll find something that fits your organization’s needs.

Peter Zaitsev

Peter managed the High Performance Group within MySQL until 2006, when he founded Percona. Peter has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and is an expert in database kernels, computer hardware, and application scaling.

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