Thank you for joining us at Percona Live, NYC 2012


Over 200 attendees attended last week’s Percona Live NY event. This year we structured event different than in 2011 with Tutorial Day allowing for in-depth 3 hour presentations for those looking to dive deep into specific topics. We also added an Expo Hall which allowed a lot of MySQL Ecosystem participant to meet their prospective customers and showcase their technology.

I was very pleased with momentum of this event seeing great discussions between attendees, attendees and sponsors as well as many of us doing business around MySQL reconnecting and having a lot of good conversations. As usually between my own talks and meetings I had I did not get to attend many sessions beyond keynotes, but I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback and same question over and over – where do I get the slides ? Slides are accessible through individual session pages, such as this one as well as from the slide repository. More slides will be available as less disciplined speakers (myself included) will turn them in.

There have been a lot of speakers and sponsors taking red eye flights to come to Percona Live straight from MySQL Connect or cutting their stay short on one of event. This was unfortunate timing as both events were planned long before they were announced and we hope we’ll avoid such conflicts in the future.

I took a chance to walk around our expo hall to catch up with our exhibitors to see what they are up to. Here is a quick recap

Daniweb was promoting their online developer community site, which of course run on MySQL. Dani is always pleasant to chat to and all conference attendees got an invite to the great party Daniweb was throwing after. They also have been distributing T-shirts with creative geeky slogans and wonderful geeky classes.

ScaleBase featured dynamic scaling solution which allows to deal with big data volumes without need for manual Sharding. They also announced their partnership with Galera on this event. This can be great combination indeed.

SkySQL presented SkySQL Cloud Suite solution for deploying and managing MySQL in the Cloud.

MariaDB have showcased MariaDB 5.5 and forthcoming MariaDB 10 Alpha release. The Cassandra storage engine is the level of integration between MySQL and NoSQL have not seen before

Ospero Ltd have been showcasing their solutions in design development and deployment of solutions in the Cloud. 23 Data Centers around the world is quite respected number.

Akiban Technologies have been showcasing their table grouping technology allowing to dramatically increase performance of complicated join queries. MySQL users are always hungry for better performance as you might guess.

Tokutek have been talking about TokuDB 6.5 – the newest release of TokuDB storage engine. It was great to see TokuDB benchmarks shown for Flash storage showing it is not only rotating media where Fractal Trees technology can show significant performance gains.

CoderShip the company beyond Galera Technology which now powers number of solutions including our own Percona XtraDB Cluster. This synchronous replication clustering technology for MySQL is getting a lot of interest these days and for a good reason.

NewRelic have been showing their application performance management platform. I find it great help both for MySQL Developers and DBAs especially helpful in offering the “proof” of Performance situation being related or unrelated to the database performance which otherwise can be frequent cause of tension between the groups.

ScaleArc have showcased their solution to scale MySQL with automatic sharding, caching as well as get insights in application behavior and performance with real time analytics.

FusionIO have been showing high performance PCI-E Flash storage cards, one of the highest performing and most reliable on the market. Facebook has been using them for years now so we can call it pretty proven used with MySQL.

Nimbus Data also handles Flash storage but at different scale. If you prefer SAN/NAS kind of external storage Nimbus Data offers high performance storage appliance with great many enterprise features.

ParElastic makes many MySQL Servers to act as one and elastically scale with demand. It is also specially built for Multi-Tenant SaaS applications which is a segment rapidly growing these days.

CouchBase have been show casing their CouchBase Server 2.0 beta which takes CouchBase to the next level with many new features

Continuent offers Automated Failover and Disaster Recovery, Multi Master and Parallel replication, filtering, cross database replication. It feature set beats MySQL 5.6 but as Robert Hodges puts it , “it works with MySQL 5.0”. Robert shared his vision for the place of MySQL in future data processing systems and his vision for Continuent replication technologies in his inspiring Keynote.

Clustrix have been showing their scalable MySQL compatible database solution built from the ground up. They got very technical in their Keynote and shared their results of scaling Ruby on Rails application. They also announced Clustrix technology is now available in the cloud with Blue Box Partnership.

So what’s next ?

We meet again for Percona Live London, December 3-4 which will offer tutorials and conference sessions from many experienced MySQL practitioners and project leaders, including keynote by Monty Widenius, founder of MySQL.

We’re also continuing preparations for our greatest event of the year – the Percona Live in Santa Clara – the call for papers is open until October 13 so do not delay your talk submission!


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  • Jeff Reply

    Alas there’s another clash in December, Percona Live London clashes with UK Oracle User Group Conference 2012..

    October 7, 2012 at 10:50 pm

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