Webinar: TokuDB v6 Replication Performance

Webinar: TokuDB v6 Replication Performance


TokuDB® is a proven solution that scales MySQL® and MariaDB® from GBs to TBs with unmatched insert and query speed, compression, and online schema flexibility.

Tokutek’s recently launched TokuDB v6 delivers all of these features and more, with the introduction of high performance replication for MySQL and MariaDB. TokuDB v6 eliminates the common and persistent problem of “slave lag” in which a replication server is unable to keep up with the query load borne by the master server. TokuDB v6 solves this by offering high ingestion rates at the slave.

Time: 2PM EDT / 11AM PDT


TokuDB v6 delivers

  • Replication Performance — High ingestion rates at the slave deliver read scalability and improved disaster recovery.
  • Unmatched Speed — Fractal Tree® indexes are optimized for index insertion performance.
  • Maximum Scalability — Performance scales even as the primary index exceeds available RAM, while up to 25x compression insures a small storage footprint.
  • Exceptional Agility — Hot Schema Changes allow read/write operations during index creation or column/field addition.

This webinar covers TokuDB v6 features, latest performance results, and typical use cases.

About the Presenters

Tim Callaghan is the VP of Engineering at Tokutek. Mr. Callaghan brings 20 years experience building and administering database applications for commercial and internal usage. At VoltDB, he led the field engineering efforts, was the point contact for all commercial and community customers, and served as Product Manager. Before that, he was the Chief System Architect at CrunchTime Information Systems, building their SaaS restaurant solutions and distributed database offerings for the cruise industry. He also spent 8 years at Investors Bank & Trust (a Boston-based financial services company) as the Director of Database Technologies.

Lawrence Schwartz is the VP of Marketing at Tokutek. Mr. Schwartz has over 15 years of experience in data and information systems as an engineer, marketer, and P&L manager. He has been a featured speaker at the Percona MySQL Conference, Storage Networking World, Data Center World, and the Flash Memory Summit, has done televised interviews with O’Reilly and Silicon Angle, and has been quoted in DBTA, CTO Edge,Wired, Xconomy, and MIT’s Tech Review. He joins Tokutek from E Ink, where he oversaw marketing and product management and led an international integration with PVI, who acquired E Ink in 2009. Before E Ink, he spent 5 years at EMC leading Symmetrix marketing, including the rollout of enterprise SSD systems. He currently serves on the Steering Committee for Big Data for the MassTLC and and is Chair of the Multi-Tenancy Committee for the Cloud Council of Seven.


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Comments (2)

  • Richard Stempien Reply

    Wondering if you can point me to a good set of definitions you use for a complete list of database terminology. For example ingest rate vs load rate is this the same?
    Insertions, deletes, normalization, scan rate, indexing, scalability …

    September 20, 2013 at 3:47 pm
    • Tim Callaghan Reply

      Sorry, but I’m not sure there is a definitive list of definitions, at least not one that I’m aware of. In my opinion load rate is what I’d call loading data for the first time into an empty database (and with no other operations occurring), and ingest rate would be loading into a running system with an production workload.

      September 20, 2013 at 4:16 pm

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