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Webinar – Migrating to Percona XtraDB Cluster

 | May 24, 2012 |  Posted In: Events and Announcements, Insight for DBAs, MySQL, XtraDB Cluster


Whenever I learn about a new technology, I typically want to know the major administrative touch points more than I want to know exhaustive detail about every configuration option.  Give me the gist, show me enough to get started, and give me a link to the manual.

XtraDB cluster (and Galera, the technology on which it is based) has been attracting a lot of interest in the community and we want to start presenting information about both what we know is essential, but also what we suspect will become essential as more and more production experience is logged with these important new technologies.

As such, I put together a baseline talk for getting you into a working knowledge of XtraDB Cluster that I’m presenting as a webinar on June 6th at 10AM PDT.  You can find the details and register for it here.  This session will cover:

  • Essential and Important configuration settings for Galera, but also necessary and suggested changes to your existing MySQL settings
  • Migration strategies for moving from a traditional Master/Slave topology into XtraDB Cluster
  • Managing Application -> Cluster connectivity in a highly available way
  • Monitoring the cluster and individual nodes
  • Performing cluster maintenance
  • Node deployment architectures and Quorum arbitration
This webinar will run a lot like a standard conference session, ~45 min of presentation with time for Q&A at the end.  Hope to see you there!
Jay Janssen

Jay joined Percona in 2011 after 7 years at Yahoo working in a variety of fields including High Availability architectures, MySQL training, tool building, global server load balancing, multi-datacenter environments, operationalization, and monitoring. He holds a B.S. of Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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