Percona Live Slides and Video Available: The Right Read Optimization is Actually Write Optimization

In April, I got to give a talk at Percona Live, about why The Right Read Optimization is Actually Write Optimization. It was my first industry talk, so I was delighted when someone in the audience said “I feel like I just earned a college credit.”

Box offered to host everyone’s slides from the conference here (mine is here). A big thanks from me to Sheeri Cabral, for recording my talk and posting it online!

The focus of the talk starts with why write optimization is what you want to do in many situations, especially if you need read optimization. Then I get in to some of the theory on optimizing writes by laying out your data better on disk. We approach this gradually, beginning with how B-trees work and progressing with a few simple rules for getting better performance, and see some of the tradeoffs inherent in these techniques.

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