My Talk on Tuesday at IOUG COLLABORATE 12



Challenges of Big Databases with MySQL

Many database management tasks become difficult as you move from millions of rows and gigabytes of data to billions of rows and terabytes of data. Such tasks include ingesting data while maintaining indexes; changing schemas without downtime; and supporting connections, replication, and backup. For some scaling problems (connections and replication), MySQL is better than most of the competition. For others, such as indexing, schema changes, and backup, MySQL has typically been harder to use. Fortunately, the tasks MySQL does well are in its core, whereas the tasks that are more difficult can be solved with storage engine plug-ins.

This presentation discusses how MySQL’s storage engines have recently made dramatic progress in large database manageability. I’ll be speaking Tuesday (4/24) 8:00 am in Lagoon D. Details can be found here. A complete list of MySQL talks can be found here.

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