Percona MySQL Conference and Expo Week in Review

Thanks to all of those who came by our booth and to see Leif’s presentation on Read Optimization, and to my Lightning Talk on OLTP and OLAP at the Percona MySQL Conference and Expo. It was an incredible week and a great place to launch TokuDB v6.0 from! A big thanks to Percona for a great event, to Pythian for a fantastic dinner, and to SkySQL for a worthwhile follow on. We are also very grateful to Network World for giving us a product of the week award, and to Bloor Research for an insightful review of TokuDB v6.0.

Mr. Bill Gets Hammered by Big Data

For those who missed it, here is a copy of Leif’s presentation with a good photo from Percona. Thanks to Sheeri for her tweet as well. In addition, here is a copy of my Lightning Talk (in case you were too distracted by Mr.Bill). There were some great photos taken by Mark Lehmann (including the one shown above, and those in the “Scanner Wars“) as well as Percona. Thanks to Erin,  SheeriAmrith and Ernie for their tweets too!

I considered a detailed conference review, but others have already captured the event so well that there was little to add. In case you missed it, there are great write-ups by O’Reilly, Percona, Shlomi, and several others.

Thanks again to those who came by!


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  • Robert Hodges Reply

    Your lightning talk was brilliant. It’s clear that compression would be more widely used if we call possessed large mallets that we could use to smash data into small, byte-sized bits. Continuent will be supplying these with our enterprise products from here on out. You heard it here first.

    April 18, 2012 at 8:29 pm

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