Announcing TokuDB v6.0: Less Slave Lag and More Compression

We are excited to announce TokuDB® v6.0, the latest version of Tokutek’s flagship storage engine for MySQL and MariaDB.

This version offers feature and performance enhancements over previous releases, support for XA (two-phase transactional commits), better compression, and reduced performance variability associated with checkpointing. This release also brings TokuDB support up to date on MySQL v5.1, MySQL v5.5 and MariaDB v5.2. There’s a lot of great technical stuff under the hood in this release and I’ll be reviewing the improvements one-by-one over the course of this week.

I’ll be posting more details about the new features and performance, so here’s an overview of what’s in store.

Replication Slave Lag

One of the things TokuDB does well is single-threaded insertions, which translates directly into less slave lag. With TokuDB v6.0, we introduce support for XA, which insures for a more robust environment for many replication use cases. High insertion rate and XA support make TokuDB a drop-in replacement for InnoDB in replication environments. In the next blog, I’ll be giving some performance numbers.


TokuDB has great compression. Starting with TokuDB v6.0, you’ll have a choice between standard compression and aggressive compression. Aggressive compression uses more cores and usually does a significantly better job at compressing. I’ll get into the details of our new compression feature in another post.

Checkpoint variability

TokuDB checkpoints frequently, which makes recovery super-fast. InnoDB checkpoints infrequently, because checkpoints slow InnoDB performance significantly. Our customers tell us they require stable and stall-free performance, even in the face of checkpointing. With TokuDB v6.0 we deliver that and with no drop in throughput. We think you’ll be happy with the results — frequent checkpoints and fast recovery with no performance hit! — details of which forthcoming.


This release continues our improvements for multi-client scaling and in-memory performance. We’ve made great strides. Numbers for this in an upcoming post.

TokuDB v6.0 maintains all our established advantages: fast trickle load, fast bulk load, fast range queries through clustering indexes, hot schema changes, no fragmentation, and full MySQL compatibility for ease of installation. See our benchmark page for details.

To learn more about TokuDB:

Replication, compression, reduced variability, improved performance and support for MySQL v5.5. Enjoy!

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