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Webinar “How to Turbocharge Your MySQL Performance Using Flash Storage”

 | March 13, 2012 |  Posted In: Events and Announcements, Insight for DBAs, MySQL


Next Wednesday, March-21, 11:00am Pacific Time, Baron and me will be co-presenting with Virident webinar: “How to Turbocharge Your MySQL Performance Using Flash Storage” (From Virident side: Shridar Subramanian and Shirish Jamthe).

Running MySQL on SSD in interesting topic and on the webinar we will cover:

  • Configuration and optimization techniques to fully leverage flash-based storage solutions in MySQL environments
  • Evaluation criteria and techniques for selecting the suitable flash-storage technology for the relevant MySQL workloads
  • Price/performance advantages (ROI) when flash storage is used appropriately for MySQL workloads
  • Approaches for scaling MySQL instances on fewer servers while delivering optimal performance using flash drives

The registration is free and available there. Hope to see you on the webinar!

Vadim Tkachenko

Vadim Tkachenko co-founded Percona in 2006 and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. Vadim leads Percona Labs, which focuses on technology research and performance evaluations of Percona’s and third-party products. Percona Labs designs no-gimmick tests of hardware, filesystems, storage engines, and databases that surpass the standard performance and functionality scenario benchmarks. Vadim’s expertise in LAMP performance and multi-threaded programming help optimize MySQL and InnoDB internals to take full advantage of modern hardware. Oracle Corporation and its predecessors have incorporated Vadim’s source code patches into the mainstream MySQL and InnoDB products. He also co-authored the book High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, and Replication 3rd Edition.


  • Hey, I think you guys are great, but GoToMeeting doesn’t support Linux. I hope you provide a Linux friendly recording of the webinar after the fact, so the rest of us can see it.


  • Ted,

    In fact the webinar is recorded and available through here: https://www.percona.com/webinars/2012-03-14-optimizing-mysql-configuration/

    It’ll work on Linux. The problem with webinar software is that the one that works on Linux (webex) doesn’t offer reasonable sound quality — everyone has to dial into a conference line and you can barely hear the speaker. So it’s a catch-22.

    • Wait — I got confused. The link I just posted is to Peter’s webinar from yesterday. Sorry! Anyway, a similar recording will be available through https://www.percona.com/webinars/ for this one.

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