A Book-Signing Opportunity for Technical Authors

Have you authored a technical book that’s relevant to MySQL users? Want to get great visibility for yourself and your book? We’re planning a book-signing session for the upcoming MySQL conference, and you can participate in it.

In brief, we’ll provide a table for you, and you’ll then be able to promote yourself, i.e. post an update on your blog and tell people to bring their book to the table for your autograph. This will be very much in the thick of the conference, which means two things: you’ll get a lot of attention, and it’s attendee-only (just so you know). The exact hours are TBD, but we have a 4-hour window on Wednesday night within which the lightning talks, community awards, and reception also happen — and we have to juggle a couple of those. So it might be earlier, might be later, but that’s when it’ll be: Wednesday night, April 11th.

There is a limited amount of space for this opportunity. Please email me privately if you’d like to participate: baron at perconadotcom.

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