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Percona Toolkit 2.0.4 released

 | March 8, 2012 |  Posted In: MySQL, Percona Software


Percona Toolkit version 2.0.4 is available for immediate download. This release fixes 25 bugs and is a bug-fix release only, with the exception of a minor new filtering option for pt-kill. The change log is available on Launchpad. There are links to the documentation, downloads, bug reporting system, and mailing list on the toolkit homepage.

Percona Toolkit is open-source and free, but we recommend a support contract, which entitles you to bug fixes and assistance using the tools, among other benefits.

With this release we are introducing a new release model, which matches most people’s expectations of a software lifecycle. We will place all new features into the upcoming series (currently the 2.1 series) and only fix bugs in the current (2.0) series. When 2.1 is released as GA, we will freeze its features and begin work on 2.2, and so on. After the 2.0.3 release, which included complete rewrites of some tools, it was obvious that our policy of including both bug fixes and major changes into the same release was too confusing. This new release model should require a lot less thought from users: upgrade to a release series and keep upgrading as we fix bugs; we won’t make major changes.

Baron Schwartz

Baron is the lead author of High Performance MySQL. He is a former Percona employee.

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