O’Reilly Strata 2012: The Year of the Data Scientist

We had the privilege this past week to be invited to be part of the 2012 O’Reilly Strata “Making Data Work” Conference. Some of our photos from the event are here. At the event, we were excited to have Tokutek described in front of the approximately 2,500 attendees during the keynote sessions.

Overall, the diversity of topics discussed at the conference was impressive, spanning databases, developer tools, data visualization techniques, customer stories, and business implications. The full agenda is here.

For those who missed it, here are some great resources:

At the show, Tokutek was one of ten companies selected for the Startup Showcase. In this process, we were the only database company to receive an honorable mention.

We had a number of great conversations with participants at the show. Common themes and questions we received around MySQL focused on how to scale performance of MySQL, when to consider flash drives or more RAM, and considerations for keeping MySQL + TokuDB over going to NoSQL.

As part of the show, I also had the chance to talk with O’Reilly’s Mac Slocum about Tokutek.

With all the interest in Big Data, Tim O’Reilly summed up the conference well, saying “data science is the new black”. 2012 is clearly the year of the data scientist – and we have the database that will make him or her successful.


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  • Joan Geoghegan

    Congratulations on your great showing at the 2012 Strata Start-up Showcase. Well done.

    March 5, 2012 at 8:03 pm

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