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Percona XtraDB Cluster Events

 | February 24, 2012 |  Posted In: Events and Announcements, MySQL, Percona Software, XtraDB Cluster


We are on our way to delivery a production ready release of Percona XtraDB Cluster by the end March-2012.
We will do couple events to cover features and architecture of XtraDB Cluster.

So if you interested to hear or read more on this topic, there is good deal: Register for conference before 1-Mar-2012 with code PL-Book, and you will receive our book for free (in the additional to ridiculously low early-bird prices).

Vadim Tkachenko

Vadim Tkachenko co-founded Percona in 2006 and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. Vadim leads Percona Labs, which focuses on technology research and performance evaluations of Percona’s and third-party products. Percona Labs designs no-gimmick tests of hardware, filesystems, storage engines, and databases that surpass the standard performance and functionality scenario benchmarks. Vadim’s expertise in LAMP performance and multi-threaded programming help optimize MySQL and InnoDB internals to take full advantage of modern hardware. Oracle Corporation and its predecessors have incorporated Vadim’s source code patches into the mainstream MySQL and InnoDB products. He also co-authored the book High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, and Replication 3rd Edition.


  • Documentation is there

    Discussion vs NDB engine you can see there in comments

  • since there is no management node, so is there a way to find out if/when the connection b/w nodes has issues and how far each node is before querying it? If its 100% synchronous like DRBD then it will have the same write performance issues I guess as we normally see with DRBD.

    I am pretty sure there are some real life problems that this type of cluster solution can solve. I hope it works as is explained in the documentation.

  • arun,

    The synchronous commit is described there

    This page describes how you can monitor the sate of the node:

  • I tried to install XtraDB-Cluster-server, it depended on xtrabackup and xtrabackup depended on mysql. So I installed MySQL-server-community rpm and xtrabackup, but when I installed XtraDB-Cluster-server, I said it’s conflict with MySQL-server-community. What should I do?


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