Dot-Org Pavilion at the Percona Live MySQL Conference

This is a cross-post from my personal blog. Are you involved with an open-source project that’s interesting to MySQL users, such as Nginx, PHPMyAdmin, Drupal, Jenkins, PHP, and so on? Percona just published the application form for dot-org groups to have a free expo hall booth in the Percona Live MySQL Conference in April. Please submit your applications now, and tell your friends about this, because a) the schedule for applying is very short, and b) space is limited.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s another of the O’Reilly traditions we’re trying to continue. (We are trying very hard to make this event as close to a clone of O’Reilly’s as we can.) It’s a free table in the expo hall where people who participate in a non-commercial open source project can exhibit. I organized a Maatkit booth a few times in the past, and was always really grateful to O’Reilly for making the space available. Space in the expo hall is at a premium, but we think that these dot-org booths are even more valuable to the open-source projects and the conference attendees.

So, please tell your friends who care about open source, and ask them to tell their friends too. Let’s get some great open-source projects into the expo hall, alongside the commercial vendors!

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