Announcing Percona Toolkit Release 2.0.3

We’ve released Percona Toolkit 2.0.3, with a couple of major improvements and many minor ones. You can download it, read the documentation, and get support for it.

What’s new? You can read the changelog for the details, but here are the highlights:

Brand new pt-diskstats, thanks to Brian Fraser. This tool is completely rewritten, and it’s finally the iostat replacement I always wanted. Not only does it have the functionality I want (interactive, slice and dice, smart defaults) but it has the detailed statistics on I/O, so you can see whether your reads are slow versus your writes, and whether things are waiting on the disk or waiting on the queue scheduler (cfq, hint hint). Finally, it has transparency, so you can read the documentation and understand, really, what it’s doing at the low level and what that means for your server. We really need specific, precise information on exactly how the I/O is behaving so we can make good decisions when there are problems or when doing things like capacity planning.

Brand new pt-stalk, courtesy of Daniel Nichter. This tool is also completely rewritten. Instead of a Bash script that you have to configure with environment variables and run in a screen session, this is now a first-class fault detection daemon. Everyone needs post-mortem forensic data when there is a problem, and pt-stalk aims to be a core part of your infrastructure that fills this gap. It now supports things a “real” Percona Toolkit tool ought to have, such as command-line options and a configuration file. In addition, we merged pt-collect into it, so as of Percona Toolkit 2.0.3, there isn’t a separate pt-collect tool anymore.

There’s a lot more to this release, but those are the major points. Download it and let us know how it works, please! If you find bugs, file them on Launchpad, and if you need support, you know where to get it.

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  • Volans Reply

    Thanks for the new release!

    Approximately when the DEB package will be available in your apt repository?

    February 8, 2012 at 10:17 am
  • Baron Schwartz Reply

    I’ve pinged our build engineer about it. Thanks for pointing this out!

    February 9, 2012 at 1:07 pm

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