Percona testing: Quick test clusters with kewpie!

The announcement of Percona XtraDB Cluster seems to have generated a fair bit of interest : )

Although the documentation contains more formal instructions for setting up a test cluster, I wanted to share a quick way to set up an ad-hoc cluster on a single machine to help people play with this (imho) rather amazing bit of software.

To do this, you will need kewpie (PXC will have kewpie in-tree soon)
cd basedir;
bzr branch lp:kewpie

edit the file like so:

Or you may branch kewpie anywhere and simply pass appropriate –basedir and –wsrep-provider-path instructions and use –default-server-type=galera

* A default location of /usr/lib/galera/ is assumed

To get your cluster, run the tests with –start-and-exit:
./  –start-and-exit
This will start up 3 nodes and join them into a cluster:

Now for some play: