Call for nominations to the MySQL Council

The MySQL council is looking for candidates for 2012.  Based on community feedback, this will be an open nomination process (and you can nominate yourself).

The MySQL council advocates for the MySQL community, and needs community leaders to help address issues such as keeping the bug database open and keeping the user conference from fragmenting.  The council tries to help solve issues that the community faces with Oracle, IOUG, or anyone else.  The council comprises four to six members representing a mix of consultants, volunteers, community activists, developers, and vendors.  The council is not meant to replace any existing grass roots organizations, rather it may be helpful for gaining visibility for their issues.

As a council member, you would be asked to participate in meetings (they’ve been about once a month by phone, but there may be a face-to-face meeting).  You will also be asked to help promote speaking and volunteering communities.  The term of office is one calendar year, and you receive a one-year IOUG membership, discounted event registration, and a “MySQL Council” pin.

Please consider applying via this IOUG link.




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