Top Ten for 2011


It’s almost the end of the year – that means holiday cards, shopping, cooking, parties, and the inevitable year-end top lists (including gems like this one).

In the spirit of end of year list making, we fed our 60+ blogs this year through Google Analytics to find out what our own top ten blogs were (outside of product announcements). So if you missed an episode of the View (TokuView that is) we’ve got a Tokutek Top Ten for you (spoiler alert – they are mostly technical):

10. Cage Match: OldSQL, NoSQL and NewSQL – References to mud wrestling priests and Lady Gaga heat up the debate over MySQL and its variations and alternatives.

9. Indexing, the Director’s CutZardosht Kasheff took his indexing talk on the road this year to the Boston, SF, and NY MySQL meetups. This was from the SF meetup.

8. The Challenges of Big Databases with MySQL: OOW11 Presentation – A popular conference talk from Tokutek co-founder and Chief Architect Bradley Kuszmaul.

7. From Under the Desk to The Cloud – A Review of the O’Reilly Strata Making Data Work Conference.

6. MySQL Partitioning: A Flow Chart – There are almost always better (higher performing, more robust, lower maintenance) alternatives to partitioning.

5. A Case for Write Optimizations in MySQL – Suggested API improvements to increase the performance of writes, and more specifically, updates.

4. Compression Benchmarking: Size Vs. Speed (I Want Both) – TokuDB achieves the highest level of compression while out-performing InnoDB.

3. Write Optimization: Myths, Comparison, Clarifications – Explains how write optimization is the best read optimization.

Tied for First. The top two weren’t even written by the Tokutek team…

Alter Table Engine TokuDB – A blog with test results by Stephane Varoqui, Principal Consultant at SkySQL.

Are You Forcing MySQL to Do Twice as Many JOINs as Necessary? – A guest blog from Baron Schwartz, Chief Performance Architect, Percona.

Of course, Tokutek blogs only make up a small fraction of all the great blogs and news out there in 2011 on MySQL. If folks have other good MySQL year-end “top ten” lists to share, let us know.

In the meantime, have a great end of year and happy holidays!

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