Announcing Percona Live Washington DC MySQL Conference

If you are close to Washington DC, you should plan to attend our Percona Live event on January 11th at the DC Convention Center. We have three tracks of expert speakers on core MySQL-related topics.

This event will not be as large as some of the other events we’ve run, with a capacity of about 200. Frankly, we are targeting this to more local attendees. We know that a lot of people simply can’t travel out to Santa Clara for the main MySQL conference every year, and we want to make sure there is great technical content for them. This is part of our idea to host smaller regional events periodically to try to make sure top-quality MySQL events are more accessible to all, not just the privileged.

We have the entire hallway, with a number of large rooms, immediately off the Metro stop. This event couldn’t be easier to attend if you’re inside the Beltway. We are right outside the Metro doors. If you’re from outside the area, we suggest taking the Metro in for the day. Detailed travel instructions and hotel suggestions (if you need them) are listed on the event venue page. (I’ve personally stayed in the hotels listed there and found them to be great.)

This is a great opportunity to learn from experts, recruit, and network in Washington DC. I personally will be there because I’m close and this is something of a pet project for me. I hope to see you there, and would appreciate it if you tell your friends about the event.

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