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TokuDB v5.0.6 is Now Available

This version includes support for “SELECT … FOR UPDATE” as well as displaying table “create time” and “last update time” via “SHOW TABLE STATUS”. The release also addresses a number of other bugs and fixes such as “point update” and “replace into” deadlocks. For more details, see the release notes section of the user’s […]

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Review of Virident FlashMAX MLC cards

I have been following Virident for a long time (e.g. They have great PCIe Flash cards based on SLC NAND.
I always thought that Virident needed to come up with an MLC card, and I am happy to see they have finally done so.
At Virident’s request, I performed an evaluation of their MLC card […]

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Improved InnoDB fast index creation

One of the serious limitations in the fast index creation feature introduced in the InnoDB plugin is that it only works when indexes are explicitly created using ALTER TABLE or CREATE INDEX. Peter has already blogged about it before, here I’ll just briefly reiterate other cases that might benefit from that feature:

when ALTER TABLE […]

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“How Fractal Trees Work” at MIT today

I’ll be talking about How Fractal Trees Work  today at MIT in the Computational Research In Boston and Beyond (CRIBB) seminar ( The talk is at 12:30 in the Stata Center room 32-141.  Pizza available before.
This talk will be academically-oriented (not much marketing).  The abstract is as follows:
Most storage systems employ B-trees to achieve a […]

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Webinar: Scaling MySQL with TokuDB

MySQL implementations are often kept relatively small, often just a few hundred GB or less. Anything beyond this quickly leads to painful operational problems such as poor insertion rates, slow queries, hours to days offline for schema changes, prolonged downtime for dump/reload, etc. The promise of scalable MySQL has remained largely unfulfilled, until TokuDB.
Time: […]

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