Virident FlashMAX MLC in tpcc-mysql workload


As I mentioned in previous post on Virident FlashMAX MLC, beside sysbench benchmark, I also run tpcc-mysql (to compare performance Virident FlashMAX vs Fusion-io ioDrive Duo)

The report with results is there:

The graphical result for tpcc-mysql 5000W:

My conclusions from this benchmark:

  • Virident FlashMAX provides stability of performance and reveals a denser throughput.
  • In addition to stability, in many cases there is also a better throughput in MySQL (up to 40\%) using the Virident FlashMAX card.

DISCLOSURE: This benchmark was done as part of our consulting practice for which we compensated by Virident. However, this benchmark was run independently of Virident, and reflects our opinion of this product.



  1. says


    I see at low and very high concurrency FusionIO and Virident provide very close performance What do you read from it ?
    Is Virident a lot faster when there are many outstanding requests ?

  2. says


    I read that as on low concurrency both card provide almost equal performance and stability.
    On high concurrency there we have MySQL internal issues.
    In the middle Virident is doing better job on the stability and performance.

  3. Julian E says

    though you are comparing the jsut announced product from one company with the 2 year old product of the other.

    Pick up a new FIO card next month and do the comparison again.

  4. Todd Wyndam says

    This is comparing the two-year old Fusion-io product against the new Virident product. Make the test fair and compare Fusion-io’s new product against Virident’s new product. Otherwise, this review is a joke.

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