TokuDB v5.2 Beta Program


With the release of TokuDB v5.0 last March, we delivered a powerful and agile storage engine that broke through traditional MySQL scalability and performance barriers. As deployments of TokuDB have grown more varied, one request we have repeatedly heard from customers and prospects, especially in areas such as online advertising, social media, and clickstream analysis, is for improved performance for multi-client workloads.

Tokutek is now pleased to announce limited beta availability for TokuDB v5.2. The latest version of our flagship product offers a significant improvement over TokuDB v5.0 in multi-client scaling as well as performance gains in point queries, range queries, and trickle load speed. There are a host of other smaller changes and improvements that are detailed in our release notes (available to beta participants).

TokuDB continues to lead the field by offering:

  • 20x to 80x faster insertion speed
  • Hot Schema Changes including Hot Index Add/Drop and Hot Column Add/Drop
  • Full MySQL compatibility
  • 5x to 15x compression
  • Scalability to tens of TBs
  • Non-fragmenting indexes
  • Compatibility with MariaDB

Enrollment in the TokuDB v5.2 beta is limited. If interested, please register on our site (if you haven’t already) and then send an e-mail to

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