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Scaling MySQL with TokuDB Webinar – Video and Slides Now Available

 | November 17, 2011 |  Posted In: Tokutek, TokuView



Thanks to everyone who signed up and attended the webinar I gave this week with Tim Callaghan on Scaling MySQL. For those who missed it and are interested, the video and slides are now posted here.

A brief description of the webinar is also below.

MySQL implementations are often kept relatively small, often just a few hundred GB or less. Anything beyond this quickly leads to painful operational problems such as poor insertion rates, slow queries, hours to days offline for schema changes, prolonged downtime for dump/reload, etc. The promise of scalable MySQL has remained largely unfulfilled, until TokuDB.

TokuDB v5.0 delivers

  • Exceptional Agility — Hot Schema Changes allow read/write operations during index creation or column/field addition
  • Unmatched Speed — Fractal Tree indexes perform 20x to 80x better on write intensive workloads
  • Maximum Scalability — Fractal Tree index performance scales even as the primary index exceeds available RAM

This webinar covers TokuDB v5.0 features, latest performance results, and typical use cases.


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