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White Paper: Flashcache and MySQL on Virident drive

 | September 19, 2011 |  Posted In: Benchmarks, Hardware and Storage, MySQL

Our latest MySQL white paper is Improving Percona Server performance with Flashcache on the Virident tachIOn Drive. (Virident funded the research, but as always, we wrote the report ourselves.) The conclusion is that Flashcache can be good for read-heavy workloads, but more research is needed to understand its performance characteristics on write-heavy workloads. We explain […]

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Disaster: MySQL 5.5 Flushing

 | September 18, 2011 |  Posted In: Benchmarks, Hardware and Storage, MySQL

We raised topic of problems with flushing in InnoDB several times, some links: InnoDB Flushing theory and solutions MySQL 5.5.8 in search of stability This was not often recurring problem so far, however in my recent experiments, I observe it in very simple sysbench workload on hardware which can be considered as typical nowadays.

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Compression Benchmarking: Size vs. Speed (I want both)

 | September 15, 2011 |  Posted In: Tokutek, TokuView

I’m creating a library of benchmarks and test suites that will run as part of a Continuous Integration (CI) process here at Tokutek. My goal is to regularly measure several aspects of our storage engine over time: performance, correctness, memory/CPU/disk utilization, etc. I’ll also be running tests against InnoDB and other databases for comparative analysis. […]

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Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo opens Call for Papers

 | September 15, 2011 |  Posted In: MySQL

Call for Papers for the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo is finally open! We had a little delay while we set up the software so thank you for your patience. Taking into consideration the short delay we are going to extend the close date to December 5th, 2011. Simply go to our website and click the […]

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 | September 14, 2011 |  Posted In: Insight for Developers, MySQL

Here’s a quick tip I know some of us has overlooked at some point. When doing SELECT … UNION SELECT, where do you put the the INTO OUTFILE clause? On the first SELECT, on the last or somewhere else? The manual has the answer here, to quote: Only the last SELECT statement can use INTO […]

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MySQL data via a NoSQL solution, Free ticket to Percona Live London

 | September 9, 2011 |  Posted In: MySQL

The much-anticipated ability to access MySQL data via a NoSQL solution has been realized. Using HandlerSocket, significant performance gains can be realized for certain workloads. Sound like something you are interested in? Join us for Percona Live London to hear Ryan Lowe, Percona’s Director of American Consulting speak on this subject. In Ryan’s session he […]

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Online Advertiser Intent Media Selects TokuDB over InnoDB and NoSQL for Big Data Ad-Hoc Analysis

 | September 8, 2011 |  Posted In: Tokutek, TokuView

Intent Media Issue addressed: Ad hoc analytics on clickstream data arriving too fast for InnoDB or NoSQL to handle. TokuDB powers an online advertising application The Company: Headquartered in New York, Intent Media is a fast-growing online advertising startup. The company helps some of the largest online retailers monetize their traffic more efficiently at scale […]

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