Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo committee published

Just a quick update on April’s conference planning. We’ve published the speaker committee, and some featured speakers are on the conference’s home page. These include names like Mårten Mickos and Jeremy Zawodny.

I got a question from a community member that I thought was very important to answer publicly: what is the role and authority of the committee in choosing talks and guiding the conference program? The answer is simple: we did not create the committee to make us look good, we created the committee to really guide us. We expect to just be rubber-stamping Brian Aker’s decisions as Chair of the committee.

There are several outstanding invitations to other prominent organizations to have a seat in the committee. If we get positive RSVPs from those organizations, we’ll update the committee web page with the representative they choose.

I’m withholding this post from Planet MySQL because I don’t want to spam you, but I thought it was important to put on our blog, because there’s no where else prominent enough.

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