Tutorial Insights for Percona Live, London

Percona Live MySQL Conference, London, Oct 24th and 25th, 2011 We have a great line up of Tutorials on Percona Live, London. I hand picked number of them after seeing outstanding speaker Performance in other Places. Let me tell in little bit more details about people we have invited and their talks.

Yoshinori Matsunobu Talk on Linux Hardware and Optimizations for MySQL at Oreilly MySQL Conference and Expo was phenomenal. I wrote about it before and I’m very happy Yoshinori is able to come to London and talk more about this topic. Yoshinori put probably months of testing and research in his talk so you will see a lot of real numbers, not just general guidance you will see in many other places.

Alexey Rybak is going to talk about Scaling LAMP focusing on other parts of the stack. I have visited Alexey talks during number of years at HighLoad conference in Russia. He has wealth of practical experience designing and operating large scale, with his most recent contribution to Badoo, which is approximately 100th site in the world by Alexa and one of Top 20 Facebook applications. What I especially like about Alexey is his practical
approach and ability to explain why something is a good solution rather than stating the fact this is what is being done in organization. A lot of approaches Alexey is going to talk about are not
only practical but very efficient – he will teach you about how to do a lot with less hardware and time/staff needed.

Florian Haas with his talk MySQL High Availability Sprint: Launch the Pacemaker! will talk about MySQL High Availability using DRBD and Pacemaker (Heartbeat) which have
been a high availability solution of choice for MySQL with Innodb storage engine in case no transaction loss can be tolerated, such as dealing with financial data. Florian is probably the most accomplished and experienced person you can find to talk about High Availability with DRBD, and with his experience both as Senior Consultant and Instructor he knows how to run a good class. Another thing which makes this class attractive is technologies described are not only helpful for your MySQL Server but can be used for other applications such as designing highly available storage systems.

Johan Andersson and Yves Trudeau will run NDB Cluster Tutorial which is full day in depth tutorial focused on NDB Cluster/MySQL Cluster technology which is
rapidly gaining popularity for building high performance and highly available systems with MySQL. Initially designed for Telecom Applications MySQL Cluster have been slowly adapting features making it more and more useful for broad set of applications. If you’re looking to get started with this new technology this is surely class to attend. Johan has unique prospective on MySQL Cluster being both core developer and so familiar with very in-depth engine operation and when moving to consulting and having lots of practical experience deploying and operating MySQL Cluster, finally at SeveralNines Johan is working on software simplyfying deployment and management of MySQL Cluster installations. Yves is perhaps one of the most experienced MySQL Cluster consultants in United States, having worked with MySQL Cluster deployments in many high scale mission critical applications. Yves specializes in MySQL Cluster Performance Optimizations.

I think this is a great lineup and you will learn a lot! See you in London

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