Percona Server 5.1.57 with Galera 0.8.1

Codership team announced availability of MySQL/Galera 0.8.1, which is minor release, but actually it has bunch of improvements that makes Galera replication more user friendly (there are many bugs fixed, reported by me personally, what annoyed me a lot).

As part of my evaluation activity I ported MySQL/Galera 0.8.1 to Percona Server/Galera 0.8.1 and you can get source code on Launchpad.

I appreciate the fact that not everybody has fun from compiling source code (hint, hint for Drizzle developers), that is why I also made binaries for RHEL 6.1 / Oracle Linux 6.1

This is ABSOLUTELY NO production quality release, but you are welcome to play with it.

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