This Weekend in Japan

We were happy to see a lot of folks from Japan on Twitter this weekend having a discussion about MySQL and Tokutek. While we always endeavor to explain ourselves as simply as possible, hearing what users and peers have to say and ask in their native language is very helpful. Here is a sampling of several of the 30+ tweets and re-tweets (translations courtesy of a colleague I know from frequent past visits to Tokyo and Yokohama):


First, @frsyuki provided a general overview:

“TokuDB” 新種のMySQLストレージエンジン。INSERTが20〜80倍ほど速い、パーティションなしで数TBのデータを突っ込める、MVCCサポートなど。Fractal Treeというアルゴリズムを実装しているらしい。

(Translated: TokuDB is a new type MySQL Storage Engine.  The main features are a) INSERT speed is 20-80times faster, b) load several TB data without partitions and c) support MVCC.


Next, @mtanda remarked on TokuDB v5.0’s addition of Hot Schema Changes:

TokuDBの説明にHot Schema Changesとある。これもけっこう便利そう。

(Translated:  I found Hot Schema Changes in the explanation of TokuDB.  It sounds very convenient.


We heard how one of our founders gave hope for theorists from  @_eiko_ :

@frsyuki TokuDB開発者のKuszmaulさんは、以前はAkamaiのネットワークのアーキテクト、古くはThinking Machines CM-5というスパコンのネットワーク開発者。理論やさんの活躍の場って多彩。

(Translated: TokuDB developer “Kuszmaul” used to work as the network architect in Akamai, and as the network developer of the supercomputer called Thinking Machines CM-5 in the past.  There are many opportunities for a “theorist”. )


All this chatter got the attention of some new folks such as @KrdLab:

Fractal Tree というものがあるんですね.知らんかった.

(Translated: I did not know things like a “Fractal Tree” exists…. )


Finally, @repeatedly could not have summed it up better:

これからの時代はB-TreeではなくてFractal-Treeなのか? >

(Translated: Time flies so fast… it appears the trend has now gone from B-Trees to Fractal-Trees?


So, for those reading from Japan, いらっしゃいませ (welcome).

To address some of the questions and comments raised above:

In general, even if we are limited today to responding only in English, we are always happy to try to explain the benefits of Fractal Tree™ indexing , work with you to help select optimal indexes, and troubleshoot when it seems like TokuDB isn’t performing as well as expected. Please drop us a line anytime, either via e-mail or twitter.

Thanks again to Sadayuki for kicking off this Twitter stream. Next time you are in Boston, or I am in Japan, the first Suntory is on me.

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