Monthly Archives - May 2011

Percona Server and XtraBackup for MacOS – experimental binaries

We see demand on MacOS binaries and decided to prepare binaries you can download and use. The are marked as “experimental”, as we do not have big history of using MacOS in production, so we are looking for your feedback and bug reports.

Percona Server 5.5 :
Percona Server 5.1:
Percona XtraBackup:

Please report […]

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Performance Schema tables stats

My previous benchmark on Performance Schema was mainly in memory workload and against single tables.
Now after adding multi-tables support to sysbench, it is interesting to see what statistic we can get from workload that produces some disk IO.
So let’s run sysbench against 100 tables, each 5000000 rows (~1.2G ) and buffer pool 30G.
The scripts […]

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