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TokuDB Tames Huge Logfile Processing Workload for Jawa

Issue addressed:

Process over 10 million log entries per day without partitions or other workarounds.

MySQL + TokuDB Tames Huge Logfile Processing Workload
The Company: Founded in 2005, Jawa develops software and media solutions enabling people to stay connected to information, entertainment and communities while on the go. Jawa is a privately held company headquartered in […]

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Talk to the MySQL Council

We’ve been busy at The MySQL Council. Giuseppe’s summary does a good job explaining what we’ve been up to.
You can communicate with the MySQL council in several ways including:

Respond to the MySQL Council Survey.
Talk to one of the council members. I’ll be in Orlando on Sunday and Monday, and in Santa Clara on […]

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OldSQL Tricks or NewSQL Treats

Why do B-trees need “Tricks” to work?
Marko Mäkelä recently posted a couple of “tips and tricks” you can use to improve InnoDB performance. Tips and tricks. A general purpose relational database like MySQL shouldn’t need “tips and tricks” to perform well, and I lay the blame on design choices that were made in […]

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